Tutorial  paid surveys
Generally speaking you should receive your first paid survey within the first week or two. It really depends on your "profile" (male or female, your location, etc.) and the current needs of our clients. You're not going to be eligible for every survey, because some surveys are targeted towards either men or women, or those who live in a certain area, etc. For example, if you're a women and the current survey is about men and their grooming habits, you won't be invited to take that survey. Upon registering, you will receive an email inviting you to participate if you qualify for the current survey. If you don't receive an email notification, you should also login to your account to double-check just in case you do not receive the email invitation for some reason (due to your ISP's spam filters, etc).

Payment is usually in the form of a company check that is mailed to you via postal mail, usually within a few weeks. But more and more companies are starting to use online payment processors such as PayPal - which is great because it means that you'll usually receive your reward much faster.

On you will just find serious and legitimate paid surveys companies with a good reputation over internet. Unfortunately, there are also scams. Here are a few tips on how to avoid them.

-Don't sign up for any survey site which asks you to pay to access the surveys.
-NEVER sign up for a survey site (or any other type of site) through un-solicited e-mail.
-Check around and do a little background research. You can check the site's rating on (a very good survey rating a review site) and see if there are any reports against it on Rip Off

Complaints about scams
If you have problem with an online paid surveys scams, you may file complaints with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or go to the website of survey police and complete the form.

Accreditation and surveys companies
It should be noted that no certification can guarantee 100% the legitimacy of a company but gives you a good indication of the seriousness and good business practices. So here are the seals of the 3 most renowned organizations that you can find on the site of some survey panels.

BBBonline seal
This seal signifies the survey company makes a commitment to the highest level of ethical business practices and customer satisfaction.


Trust Privacy
Signifies to customers that any critical data collected, such as home addresses and phone numbers are confidential and protect.

This seal mean the information
the site collects is protect.


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