Frequently asked questions
What are surveys ?
Surveys are simply list of questions designed to give customer opinion to companies about their products and services.

Do companies really pay people to take surveys ?
Absolutely. Online market research is a hot new way for companies to gauge the impact of their Products and services and they are constantly looking for more People to help them by providing more information.

What kind of questions do they ask on the surveys ?
The surveys are generally intended to get your honest opinions on various topics, such as what kind of products you buy, why you choose one product over another, what you think of certain products and how much they cost, how much you spend on various products etc.

Why would anyone pay for my opinion ?
Every year companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars when they introduce new products on to the market that fail to sell. Your survey answers when put together with hundreds or thousands of others, can save a company millions of dollars when they are considering what products to market. That alone makes it worth the cash and prizes they are willing to distribute for your time in taking a paid survey.

How do I know the companies will really pay me ? What guarantee do I have that I will be paid ?
All the companies in our survey database have been thoroughly researched.
We never heard of a company that did not pay survey participant. The companies we list are very reputable marketing companies that have a high standard of business.

How much time do I need complete a survey ?
Surveys usually take between 15 to 30 minutes, however some of them can be much longer. Generally the longer a survey is, the more you will get paid.

Can I do this survey whenever I want?
Yes; you decide when and how much you want to work at any given time. You can do surveys when it is convenient for you.

How many surveys can I take and how much money I will make?
There are no limits to the number of surveys you can participate. The number of Surveys you will take and the amount you earn depends on the number of companies you register with, the amount of information you provide them and your personal profiles.

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